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Lowering UK Schools Carbon Footprint  Through Smart Energy Optimisation

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Planet – People – Profit

Our philosophy

Live energy data reports

Our service

No cost to schools

Our promise

The journey to a greener future starts right now

Reduce consumption

Professional data analysts and computer learning AI give insights and personalised recommendations to guide energy reduction and sustainable practices in schools.


We provide educational material to involve the students in learning what they can do to help lower energy usage.


We provide support for inspired projects and syllabus learning, by collaborating with sustainability leaders across all fields to create powerful, exciting, and current resources.


We provide advice on where the school could invest their saved money (that’s right, all money saved is kept by the school) depending on their sustainability targets.

With teaching time constantly under pressure, OAK Garden will give full support on educational resources, projects, reducing energy consumption and saving money. Teachers can feel confident knowing they have help at hand.

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To carry out our work, we know the importance of collaboration, so we are always excited to hear from organisations, charities and volunteers with how they think they can help educate the next generation.

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