We are a non-profit working to promote sustainability in schools

We deliver sustainability learning opportunities and educational resources to schools, free of charge.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give schools a head-start on their transition towards zero carbon and simultaneously educate a new, climate-literate, and green-minded generation.
Working on this project to empower the next generation in the fight against climate change, is a truly inspiring project to be a part of.
I dream to inspire the students to see that they have the power to make a change, from an early age regardless of their circumstances... it all starts with OAK
My parents always told me to leave a place in a better state than when I found it, so that people after can enjoy it even more, that's what we try to inspire.

What We Do

We implement energy sensor technology to help schools reduce their energy consumption through live data tracking and reports, with integrated lessons and resources for teachers and students to learn what they can practically do, at school and at home, to reduce their carbon footprints and energy consumption. 

How We Help

Schools will reduce their energy consumption, through involvement and education of students and learn how to save money on energy bills. 

All money saved by the school, is kept by the school, to be invested back into children's education.

What's Next

OAK Garden will provide additional resources for schools in the form of lesson prompts and additional activities that teachers can carry out as part of the curriculum and as add-ons to on-going sustainability projects.  

Powered by

OAK Garden Foundation is powered by The Oak Network, a company passionately committed to reducing energy consumption through data driven analytics.